Digital Marketing

Our Approach

Repurpose your social networking posts

As a pioneering social media marketing (SMM) agency in London, Flitzen has been a major influence in
the adoption of social media as a marketing tool by businesses in the region.

Digitalise your business to attain Global Reach.

It’s important to remember that not all social media platforms are made equally. More so than others, certain of them are relevant to particular company types. We provide advice on the kind of information you ought to include in your updates and how frequently you ought to publish on social media.

We review your social media metrics to see what kinds of updates are most popular with your target demographic. To achieve the best outcomes, concentrate your social media marketing efforts using this information.

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What we Think

The management of social media consists of two steps :

1. We’ll start by deciding which social media platforms are best for your brand.
2. We’ll assist you in managing your brand online by using a variety of social media platforms.

Our Approach

• Determine your objectives.

• We select the most effective platform(s) for our audience.

• Establish a schedule.

• Be interactive with your audience.

• Track the appropriate metrics.

• Evolve, absorb, and modify.