Graphic Design & Web Design

Graphic Design

  • As a trainee in Graphic Design at Flitzen, we make sure you develop into the best professional you can be and that you become proficient in many various aspects of graphic design.
  • When you complete it, you’ll be prepared to jumpstart your creative career with a polished graphic design portfolio featuring your greatest work.
  • There is much more to great design than just appearances. We impart a great base in design theory so that your style is always supported by logic.
  • We establish an inspiring learning atmosphere where you can pick up practical knowledge from working designers in areas like :
    ⦁ Adobe Illustrator
    ⦁ Adobe Photoshop
    ⦁ Adobe Premiere Pro
    ⦁ Adobe After Effects
    ⦁ Adobe InDesign

Web Design

Develop your skills as a versatile web designer and begin building your portfolio. Learn how to create emails and websites, use HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to code them, and use WordPress to create websites.

What you will learn in this certificate program :


  • Learn web development with JavaScript to add interaction, CSS for styling, and HTML to mark up content.
  • Make responsive webpages that can be viewed on any device (such as mobile, tablet, and desktop).
  • Create websites utilising WordPress, the most well-liked CMS worldwide (Content Management System).
  • Using Figma, create website layouts and web graphics that are optimised for high-resolution screens and quick downloads.
Fees : ₹15000
Location : 3rd Floor, Dwarkadhish Complex, Above Gramin Bank, Raiya Circle, Rajkot 360005

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