Privacy Policy

Only the minimum amount of personal data collecting is required for its activities to operate technically and profitably.

Not later than the time of collection, users must be made aware of any such collection and informed of the precise purposes for which it is being made.

Personal information must only be used for the intended purposes and in a fair and legal manner.
Users must have access to their personal data.

Utilizing both organisational and technical safeguards, the Company must guarantee the security of consumers’ personal data;

The Company shall only retain users’ personal data for as long as necessary to fulfil the purposes for which it was obtained. The Company shall not disclose users’ personal data to anybody without the user’s express consent.

Users who want to utilise services that require registration and online applications must fill out certain areas and give the business with particular information that the business may deem relevant for the provision of the services.

To better understand what attracts to consumers and enhance the services, the business may keep track of users’ visits to the website. In order to achieve this, cookies may be installed on users’ computers or other accessing devices.

Access and Control to Personal Data

The company must ensure that users are able to:

The User may discontinue using the Services and request that all of his or her Personal Data be destroyed, provided that doing so is legal and/or won’t harm the Company’s legal position. The User may also request that any Personal Data that is incorrect, irrelevant, or out of date be rectified or deleted.

Employees of the company are subject to severe security regulations if they have access to either the servers hosting the services or the databases that store the information of users. Personal information that should be kept private should be encrypted.

The business cannot guarantee against data loss, misuse, or manipulation.

Disclosure of Personal Data 

Only when legally required to do so or when the user has given their explicit consent will the company release personal data.

In order to sell users’ personal information to third parties, the corporation must first get their permission.

Personal data must be retained by the company for as long as is required by law.